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WHY THE 1930s?

Writing the RennaissanceI was honored when Julianne Douglas asked to review Cascade for her beautiful book blog, Writing the Renaissance, and then when she asked me to write a brief guest post.

So much fascinating research went into the writing of Cascade that I had a hard time choosing a topic, but finally decided on “Why the 1930s?”

What really stands out for me about the 1930s and now, aside from all this “magic” we’ve learned to live with as if it is our birthright: not much else is really all that different.

Here are my thoughts on “Why the 1930s:” link

2 Responses to WHY THE 1930s?

  • Lynn Notini says:

    Maryanne, I so enjoyed sitting next to you at Michael Timothy’s Thursday evening, but I have to say that it was even better when you had to step out and I was talking to your friend Diane and she shared such wonderful information about you and your book! HOW AWSOME! I was very impressed. BUT When I got home and checked out your website.—-+–I was REeALLY impressed! I feel really priviliged, you are such a talented and interesting person.

    In reading more description about Cascades I felt that it sounded somewat familiar and then I found the article about itbeing in the Boston Globe and I had read it. I am very interested in getting and reading your wonderful story. So glad to have met you aand Diane, wishing you continued success, Lynn Notini

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